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Vision & Mision

          Especially last a few Years; it is hard to be following Economic and Social Develops. With these items our Life Standards everyday getting Luxury. And in this point our Target is becoming so benefit for our Costumers…

          SEDA GROUP is a Tourism , Advertisement, Organization and Publish Company. A kind of collaborate Sevices to your demands. Since 2005

          We are using all alternatives of the Technology for your business and travel. From begin to end of your business and travel; we are living a honor for your enjoyable. If you are happy and accept Service Quality that is the best moment for us. because we are working your rest.

          We have "A Group" Travel Agency Of Turkish Travel Agency Union and IATA. And Also having Turkish Airlines ( THY ) Sun Express, Pegasus, Onurair, Anadolujet,  İzair and Atlasjet Authorized Agency To Selling their tickets online...Furtermore Ogertur, Delta Hava Yolları, Lüfthansa, Air France, Swiss Air,  Malev, Gulfair, Qatar Airways, Emirates, KLM ve Azerbaijan Airlines and more than 80 Airlines tickets selling by us. We can Organize Hajj and Umre Visits to Mekka and Madina. Shortly Enough we can organize Trip, Panel Form, Meeting, Fair Organizations If our Costumers depands...

          Since 2005 we are focusing Quality Services for our costumers Wishes. Your Success Business Travel or Enjoyable Holiday is the our happiness to share or workmates...This is the success if you again choose Us..."For Us"

          Our Target is a mision that following the Technology and opportunites for Quick to answer Demands and for your care Budgets..

Respectually Yours...

Publish Team Of Seda Group...


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